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The Slice: Sometimes it’s not possible to high-tail it across the road

For those living in the Spokane area, it’s almost inevitable.

One day you will walk out of your home and see a dead squirrel in the street. What do you do? A) Put it in a plastic grocery bag and place it in the trash. B) Bury it. C) Ignore it. D) Leave it to the crows. E) If it is winter or if I have young children, I collect it and put it in the trash. F) Toss it in someone else’s yard. G) Other.

Tweaking the message: Ingerliss “Icky” Ferdinand was given a big name/address luggage tag that had printed on it “I (heart symbol) Baggage Handlers.”

She happily used it. But once when collecting her bag at an airport, she noticed that, after the words “Baggage Handlers,” someone had written “Who are gay.”

Key observation: “I read the note about the woman that remembers when # wasn’t part of a hashtag,” wrote Fritz Howard. “I am so old I remember when the ‘cent sign,’ a lowercase c with a vertical line through it, was part of a keyboard. Try finding that now.”

Warm-up questions: Which is more dangerous – downhill skiing or riding a bicycle several miles to and from work? What advice not involving time travel would you give people about to have their mug shot taken? What’s something you threw away ages ago that would now be a prized Spokane collectible? What is something you will not eat at your work station because it creates an explosion of crumbs? After you installed a pet door, how did you help your companion animal figure out the whole ingress/egress thing?

Today’s Slice question: OK, you know how you’ll read about a movie and think “I’m not going to see that in a theater but I would like to check it out in a few months when it’s available for home viewing”?

Sure. Well, here’s the question.

What’s your system for remembering the names of movies you want to see?

Often, the titles offer no clue. I mean, are you apt to recall next spring that you wanted to see “Enough Said”?

So do you write things down, consult “New on DVD” lists, read the info on dozens of flicks available via cable TV or what?

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