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Authorities dispose of TNT sold to Bonners Ferry resident

Tue., Oct. 8, 2013, 8:17 a.m.

A Bonners Ferry resident made an explosive discovery in a box of household items purchased over the weekend, police said.

While examining the box on Saturday, the home owner discovered a one-pound block of military grade TNT and 30 blasting caps used in detonation, according to Bonners Ferry police. A 911 call was immediately made, and the explosives were placed on a front lawn while surrounding homes were evacuated. The Spokane bomb squad seized the explosives and handled disposal, according to police.

Authorities think the explosives may have belonged to the Army Corps of Engineers. No arrests have been reported in the incident.

Bonners Ferry police urge anyone who comes in contact with potentially dangerous material to call 911 immediately and not attempt to dispose of the material themselves.

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