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Tue., Oct. 8, 2013, midnight

Educate yourself

Initiative 522 is an unneeded proposal that will be costly, prone to nefarious manipulation, and slow. My suggestion is for the people who really want to know which foods in their market have genetically engineered or modified components, and who wish for everyone to have access to such information, to find out themselves. Then they could collate their findings, get the findings published at a local printer and place the resulting poster or book at their local markets; with permission, of course.

Fast, accurate, and it won’t drive product prices up or require another government agency. Shoot, create a website with the information and charge for advertising if you think that would work.

Why should people who don’t want or need something be forced to pay for what others think they want or need? You want it, you pay for it. Don’t know if it’s pure enough? Don’t buy. It’s that simple. If enough money is lost, practices will change.

It’s not your responsibility or your right to force your preferences on everyone else to improve their lives. And stop asking everyone else to pay for what you want and they don’t. Just leave them alone.

Ed Taylor


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