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Need real representation

Does your representative in the U.S. Congress really represent you? Does that person do the job you sent him or her to Washington to accomplish? Do you feel that person cares about the realities of your life? Is he or she working for you?

My representative is Raul Labrador. He’s voted dozens of times to derail the Affordable Care Act, though it is established law. He’s voted to cut the food stamp program and other programs that would help his constituents. Remember Grover Norquist? Labrador pledged allegiance to him instead of to us. He is courted by corporate powers who want to get their hands on all that national forest land so they can mine for minerals. Do you want that?

Does your representative regularly ask you what you want from government? Or does he or she push a party line and tell you what is going to happen regardless of the needs of district citizens?

In 2014, for U.S. Congress, I will support Shirley Ringo, the state representative from Moscow, who understands the needs of North Idaho citizens and will listen to our concerns. Join me, and say goodbye to Labrador. Let him sip tea.

Ann Warwick



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