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New Testament holds answer

Lee Freese offers a tired argument (Sept. 28) on the subject of being judgmental. As usual, Jesus gets separated from Holy Scripture (the same Scripture, in fact, that came through him). Yes, our Lord embraced all people and taught they were to be loved and accepted, but that doesn’t mean he always approved of their behavior (see John 3:16-21). Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to love and forgive someone while not condoning his or her actions.

There’s something much more important at stake here than any person or political party approving or opposing gay rights. Political entities, the church, or anyone for that matter, are never to judge (Matthew 7:1).

According to the word of God, people already judge themselves by their own actions (John 3:18). If Holy Scripture is being brought to the fore, perhaps it’s Freese who should try reading the New Testament and understanding it in its totality.

Tim Brandt



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