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Wed., Oct. 9, 2013

Slow down, drivers

Frank Tokarz wanted feedback (Sept. 24) on his concept of having the green and yellow traffic lights blink before turning color.

I seriously doubt that the concept would prevent any accidents, injuries or deaths and would thus be a waste of time and money. Too many people are in too great a hurry to care how many times a light may blink, and they will still run red lights to get to their destination a few seconds sooner.

I have seen as many as four cars go through an intersection after their light has turned red. They all had more than enough time to stop but weren’t about to wait for another light cycle to proceed. I also see drivers knowingly run four-way stop signs in their haste to save a few seconds.

When I’m first in line at an intersection with a red light, I always check both directions for cross-traffic red light runners before proceeding on my green light. This precaution has saved me on numerous occasions. I know two people who were broadsided because of red-light runners, and I don’t care to be another statistic.

Slow down people, and live a little longer.

Robyn Benjamin


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