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Thu., Oct. 10, 2013

GOP alienates young voter

I’m a young political independent. I write this letter because I’m disappointed by the lack of choice in our political parties.

In my view, we have a Republican Party that has been pushed so far to the right that it has alienated many young voters. I feel I have no option but to vote for a Democrat. We need a balance among our parties. We know that compromise has created some of the most important pieces of legislation in our country, including ones like the Clean Air Act.

Today, with the government shutdown, we have the Republican Party using every piece of leverage to nullify a law that was upheld in two elections and a U.S. Supreme Court case. I understand that Republicans don’t like the law. I see it as a flawed but well-intentioned attempt to address two problems with health care: rising costs and declining access.

But if the American people wanted to do away with it, they could have voted differently in 2012. They did not.

Compromise, bringing both sides back from the edge, and actually creating a vibrant and grounded political conversation is important to actually moving our country forward and bringing real choice back to elections.

Robert Hemphill


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