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Voices Letter to the Editor: Sow some wildflower seeds, too

Sow some wildflower seeds, too

I read the article concerning the Shadle stormwater gardens with great interest. I think it is a good idea.

While you are at it, perhaps you could sow some wildflower seeds in several areas which are now eyesores. One very good example is the stretch along Monroe between Garland and the bottom of the hill. Driscoll Boulevard has several such neglected areas, so does Francis east of Nevada.

In relation to this is a type of blight which is killing off trees north of Wellesley between Cannon and Adams. Resembling lichen, it’s surfaces of contact appear to dry up and die. I am about to lose my plum tree as a result. A willow tree on the corner of Ash and Rowan has already succumbed.

Once again, I very much enjoyed the aforementioned article. As an aside, perhaps you could encourage your readers to donate their unused fruit to Second Harvest. I have passed by several yards with fruit lying on the ground because nobody cared enough to pick it off the trees.

Douglas R. Benn