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Fri., Oct. 11, 2013, midnight

Whatever the role, Hanks makes a splash

The latest Tom Hanks offering, “Captain Phillips,” just hit theaters. It’s based on the true story of the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of an American cargo ship, the first such attack on an American ship in 200 years. We asked readers for their favorite Hanks roles. They responded enthusiastically.

Mike Gill

Money Pit!

Lisa McCracken Bear

Every Time We Say Goodbye!

Kelly Zimmerman

DUH…Bachelor party

Jeanne Flugel

Cast Away, Forrest Gump and Da Vinci Code

ChazBetz Bowman

Forrest Gump is hard to top

Tyona Albrecht


Matt Gardner

Green Mile, Cast Away, Big, the Burbs, Tom Hanks doesn’t make bad movies ever…I can’t wait to see him play Walt Disney this Christmas.

Larry Cenotto

Jimmy Dugan in A League of Their Own.

Aimee Flinn Nechanicky

Nothing in Common. Awesome, funny movie and Jackie Gleason’s last movie.

Aimee Flinn Nechanicky

And PS, there’s no crying in baseball.

Shannon Bahr Allert

Big! Forrest Gump! Bosom Buddies was great too!

Deidre Hillyer-Pestanio

You’ve got mail

Dan Webster (former Spokesman-Review movie reviewer)

Bosom Buddies! Bachelor Party! Turner & Hooch!

The Spokesman- Review

C’mon Dan Webster, what’s your real top pick?

Jeremy Bentz-Ashbaugh

Forrest Gump and Woody (from Toy Story)

Michele Matule Cenotto

The man is amazing! I can’t pick just one. Maybe Green Mile – I just watched that again recently.

GA Hildahl

All of them

Nina Rudd

I love everything … but because we had some very weird neighbors who drove the same weird car … we never miss watching The Burbs.

Eric Scott

Road to Perdition. The closest he came to playing a villain.

Theresa Novak

Too many to count but easier to say which ones weren’t so great. He’s awesome. Even in iffy Joe vs. Volcano, his speech when he quit was inspiring.

Deb Clark

Sleepless in Seattle

Steve Baker

Carl Hanratty (from Catch Me If You Can), Mr. White (from That Thing You Do).

Dan Webster

You think I’m kidding? OK, Punchline, A League of Their Own, You’ve Got Mail.

Steve Baker

Punchline! Good choice.

Dan Webster

Thanks, Steve. Punchline was the first real indication (following Nothing in Common) that Hanks could actually do a dramatic performance. His mime scene for Sally Field following their breakup is simply brilliant.

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