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Fri., Oct. 11, 2013

Stop the bully tactics

So here is Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the Oct. 1 USA Today, smashing up the government store with her government shutdown baseball bat. Her words boil down to: “This can all be over for you, just give us what we want.”

The problem with this brazen and foolhardy tactic is that most Americans understand that when you give the school bully your lunch money, he will be waiting for it again tomorrow, or maybe a little more.

Have you seen the ransom note for the debt ceiling? That is, to pay the bills the United States has already incurred? It is pretty much Mitt Romney’s losing presidential platform from 2012.

I’m sorry, but we had that discussion. That platform lost. It’s time to get out of the protection business and either get in the business of governing or get out of the way of those who will.

Tim Hamm


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