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Obituary: Latendresse, Gregory Ignatius

Age 64


Passed away October 6, 2013 at the age of 63. Gregory was born October 7, 1949 in Spokane, WA to Robert James (Sr.) and Gloria La Tendresse. Gregory left behind two sons, Joshua Gordon La Tendresse and Marcus Quincey La Tendresse. He also left behind his mother Gloria and his sisters and brother, Gabriel Cyr, Robert James (Dale) La Tendresse Jr and Chantelle (Al) New along with his nieces and nephews Greg, Angela, Heather, Jessica, Melinda, Andrea, Liza, Danielle and Caleb.
Gregory had many talents and hobbies including boxing, fabricating, racing, and ministering to people. Given materials, he could fabricate almost anything, even his own tools. He was a fanatic about numbers and calculations and he was always prepared in advance making spare components and templates for the parts from file folders. Gregory loved racing. One of his first experiences was as a boy, he took a 50cc Tohatsu motorcycle and fabricated a 90cc engine into it and took it racing. He quickly found that it was fast in the straight away but could not turn in the corners. From motorcycles he went into stock car racing and then formula car racing. The pinnacle of his racing career was when the formula ford he and John Fleckenstein fabricated won the 1988 Budweiser Grand Prix of Spokane. Gregory could take other racers’ used parts, rebuild them, and then often beat them with their own used parts. Even up to the end of his career Gregory loved speed and rode super bikes.
Gregory continuously sought improvement and challenged people to be better in all aspects of life including racing. His love for Christ and commitment to walking with Him was ever evident. Even during competition, Gregory was always willing to help anyone and share the love of Jesus. Gregory had a sharp wit. If someone asked what he was up to, his famous reply was, “about 5 foot 8 1/2 inches.”
Memorial services for Gregory will be held at the meeting place of the Church in Spokane, 715 W. Cora, Spokane, WA. 3 PM Sunday, October 13, 2013.