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Sat., Oct. 12, 2013

Snyder goes beyond cliches

Thanks, Spokesman-Review, for the revealing article in the Oct. 3 paper contrasting Jon Snyder and John Ahern in the race for Spokane City Council. Ahern is for good streets, against potholes, for public safety, for veterans and, I assume, for motherhood and apple pie. That’s too easy, John. We all agree on those issues. Contrast Ahern’s statements with the insightful and well thought out concerns of Snyder on police accountability, staffing and the budget for the city of Spokane.

Again, it’s very easy and popular to say “spend less than you take in,” and “we need more police officers,” especially when you “haven’t had a chance to go through the budget,” as Ahern freely admits.

Trite political sayings can’t administer city budgets. Hard work and consensus-building is what is needed to apply scarce resources to big problems in Spokane. Snyder has consistently proved that he can do that. Ahern is attempting to make the election about conservatives and liberals when it should be about who will move our city forward. The choice is obvious.

Kevin Martin


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