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Tea party without purpose

In the movie “The Dark Knight,” Batman wonders what the Joker’s purpose is. His actions have no logical purpose, and the Joker is not interested in any ransom. Alfred responds: “Some people aren’t after the logical. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

That seems to be the tea party caucus of the Republicans. They don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They are in gerrymandered districts drawn to ensure their successful re-election. They have no concerns about the greater United States. They feel beholden only to their tiny constituency, and the heck with the rest of us.

How dare this minority – and they are a minority of the United States, and a minority of their own party – hold us all hostage for their own purposes? They shout about our Constitution as though they own it and its righteous purposes, but then they disrespect it by trying to nullify the constitutionally sanctioned re-election of President Barack Obama. That election means President Obama gets to implement his agenda.

The GOP is an embarrassment to the memory and all that this country has always stood for: Country before self.

Nancy Clardy

Medical Lake


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