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Sun., Oct. 13, 2013

Retain EV school leaders

For those East Valley parents in the silent majority – those of us who believe our district is heading in the right direction and may not feel motivated to vote in the upcoming school board race – it has never been more imperative that you cast your vote to retain Heidi Gillingham and Kerri Lunstroth.

It was made clear at a recent debate that, if elected, the new candidates will vote to have our district move back to the comfort zone of middle schools and negate all the progress we’ve made. Gillingham and Lunstroth are focused on fine-tuning our K-8 model and bringing our district into the forefront of innovative education in the state of Washington.

Please keep our district and our kids moving forward by voting for Kerri Lunstroth and Heidi Gillingham.

Connie Jensen

Spokane Valley

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