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That’s NEWS to You quiz

Even if you didn’t follow the news closely this week, you could be a winner in our news quiz.

Try your hand at the newspaper version, then go online to newsquiz for the interactive version, where top entries each week go into a drawing for a Davenport Hotel gift card and all entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. The old Kaiser Aluminum smelter property in Mead is being turned into

A. Condominiums

B. A new smelter

C. A business park

D. A military base

E. Sports fields

2. Spokane Mayor David Condon is proposing the city add 25 police officers, restore a fire station and put more into street maintenance. How would he pay for that?

A. A 1 percent increase in property taxes

B. A 2 percent increase in property taxes

C. A 1 percent increase in the sales tax

D. A 2 percent increase in the sales tax

E. Can’t fool me. Condon would never propose a tax increase.

3. Schools in what North Idaho community might beef up security by arming some teachers and staff?

A. Coeur d’Alene

B. Post Falls

C. Sandpoint

D. Hayden Lake

E. Kellogg

4. Washington might stop regulating the rates CenturyLink charges for landline phones because of a drop in customers for that service. What is the drop since 2001?

A. 20 percent

B. 30 percent

C. 40 percent

D. 50 percent

E. 60 percent

5. The American and National League championship series begin this weekend. Which of the following teams is not playing?

A. Boston Red Sox

B. Detroit Tigers

C. Los Angeles Dodgers

D. Oakland Athletics

E. St. Louis Cardinals

Check your work

For answers, turn to page B10

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