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The Slice: Her pitch really gave her a leg up

Sun., Oct. 13, 2013

There are salesmen and then there are salesmen.

The Slice had asked about encountering little kids selling stuff outside the entrances to grocery stores. North Idaho’s Lauren Hopkins shared her story.

“A little girl at Albertsons (Hayden) was collecting money for a trip to San Diego with her gymnastics team. She made her entire pitch while standing on her hands. She had me.”

A theory emerges: Leonna Bowers saw the Slice item from the pet owner baffled about why his cat watched the dogs use the pet door but declined to use it herself. Bowers offered an explanation.

“It is obvious. That’s the DOG door. Not the CAT door. Cat knows that what people call the MAIN door is really the CAT door.”

Today’s dead squirrel story: “I have not had to deal with a squirrel in front of my house, but I am curious if anyone else has seen a squirrel exhibit the behavior I observed,” wrote Kari Gilbert.

“I was driving to work a few days ago when I saw a squirrel that had met his demise in the road the previous day. (I knew this because I had seen the body there the day before. I was not the ‘killer’ vehicle, though.) At this time, though, another squirrel had stopped and was trying to get the poor dead squirrel to get up. I could only imagine that he was somehow related or cared for him. He was pulling and tugging at his body. It just about brought me to tears.

“I’d like to believe the helper squirrel was trying to save him and not trying to move the body to obtain the nut from beneath. I make it a habit to try to think the best of everyone (even squirrels).”

When people across the room burst into laughter: “First thing I think is ‘Are they laughing at me?’ and I carefully look their way to see if they are looking or pointing at me,” wrote Ken Stout. “Then I check myself out. Am I doing something dumb? Is my zipper up? Do I have clothes on?”

Today’s Slice question: Ever severed ties with a church because of one sermon?

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