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Mon., Oct. 14, 2013

S-R’s opinion scary

One thing The Spokesman-Review said in its Oct. 3 editorial that was not liberally biased was, “Is this any way to run a government?” Yes, the Republicans picked a poor time and ill-advised method to achieve their goals. However, the S-R’s editorial reeks of lousy and unprofessional accusations.

The GOP compromised to delay Obamacare activation for one year, not to defund. The weekend before the meltdown, the GOP worked to find a solution and wanted to negotiate. The Democrats arrogantly said no and went home, and also refused to negotiate. Since then, every piecemeal funding bill proposed by the House was turned down by the Senate.

The S-R even mentioned raising the debt ceiling rather than coordinating the budget with income. Do you even realize how much $7 trillion is? Compare it to the gross national product. It scares me to think that this type of thinking exists within The Spokesman-Review editors. I can’t believe you are that uninformed. This reeks of journalistic corruption.

Tom Boyd

Spokane Valley

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