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Tue., Oct. 15, 2013, midnight

I-522 is complex

Voters should reject I-522.

It would impose complex labeling rules that don’t exist in any other state. Thousands of items would have to be relabeled, at the same time giving exemptions to thousands of others, creating a misleading maze of labeling requirements.

An entirely new bureaucracy will be created to monitor and regulate this process. A labeling system already exists within the state, and can provide consumers with the same information, but not at the cost of a new state bureaucracy. Labeling helps when accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t meet either of these standards.

The campaign for I-522 has falsely implied that health or safety issues exist with these foods. Virtually every scientific organization in the world, including the National Academy of Sciences, has reviewed over 400 peer-reviewed studies over the past 30 years. All have concluded that genetically modified foods are safe and even beneficial to farmers, consumers and our environment.

Please vote no on I-522.

Tim Chestnut, M.D.


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