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Mumm is involved

Before this summer’s primary for Spokane’s City Council District 3, four candidates were in the running.

During that time, I saw three of the four candidates at our neighborhood council meetings and at the concerts in Audubon Park.

Since the primary, I have only seen one candidate at a neighborhood council meeting, and that candidate is Candace Mumm. The other candidate, Michael Cannon, never showed up at our concerts in Audubon Park to meet the large number of people gathered there and to be recognized. Mumm and the other two candidates were engaged and handing out leaflets, meeting constituents and asking questions prior to the concerts. But not Cannon.

Also, Mumm goes to many of the neighborhood council meetings in order to learn about the issues and hear citizen opinions. Mumm is engaged and a leader, and I appreciate her involvement with the neighborhood council on Five Mile Prairie, where she lives, along with all neighborhood councils in District 3. Mumm is the kind of leader we want on City Council to represent District 3 in Spokane.

Please join me in voting for her.

Victor Frazier



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