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Boehner abuses power

Fellow citizens, we have a hole in the fabric of our U.S. Constitution.

Despite our system of checks and balances, one man, for reasons of his own, has been able to misuse the power of his position as speaker of the House of Representatives to lock down our treasury, disrupt important operations of our government and harm our national credibility before a world we must do business with. This was done by the simple tactic of refusing to do his duty, and call for a vote on our national budget. This situation is far too serious to be allowed to happen again.

Speaker John Boehner, who abused the power of his office so badly, should be removed from that office and recalled from Congress by the voters of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. Congress should then examine the duties, powers and privileges of its speaker. Then, legally close the hole that allowed this abuse to occur; even if it requires a constitutional amendment. We as a nation, by our inaction, cannot afford to allow this to happen again.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, any recurrence of this tactic could hurt you.

Garry Rhodes



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