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Need mandatory labels

The current voluntary genetically modified-free labels are akin to a tractor trailer rig hauling gasoline, diesel, ammonia or even explosives. Rather than the required Department of Transportation placard on the back of the trailer indicating that there are potentially hazardous chemicals aboard, the current system would instead mandate that every other truck on the road hang signage stating that there is no potentially dangerous cargo aboard; provided they had first filed papers with the federal government showing proof to a legal standard that their cargo is truly harmless.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not at all like selective breeding. Already, cross-contamination has cost our neighbors to the north the ability to export any canola. International panic over escaped GMO wheat in Oregon shut down exports for quite some time, doing harm to our friends and families in the Palouse.

I would urge readers to look up Canadian scientist Thierry Vrain and read what he has to say on the subject, then join me in voting a resounding yes on Initiative 522.

Charles Heinlen



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