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Ahern for new era

I agree with Kevin Martin (“Snyder goes beyond clichés,” Oct. 12) that the choice is obvious for the John Ahern vs. Jon Snyder Spokane City Council race. Ahern is a successful, longtime small-business owner and five-term state legislator who is fiercely independent, a tireless worker, and possesses an enormous amount of common sense; an attribute that is neither confusing or trite.

A vote for Snyder is a vote for budgetary problems, wasteful street spending (Lincoln between 29th Avenue and Cannon Hill Park) and an unwavering support of municipal unions instead of taxpayer interests.

Since electing Mayor David Condon, Spokane has begun to recover as a respected and effective municipal entity. Let’s not fall back to the Mary Verner and Snyder era of sweetheart union deals, electric car charging stations and green driving lessons for city employees.

I’m voting for John Ahern, the common sense City Council candidate that will help Condon keep Spokane moving forward.

Ed Walther



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