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Sat., Oct. 19, 2013, midnight

Grow up, government

I remember when a teacher sent home a paper for my children with a few quotes listed on the top lines. One of those quotes that really caught my attention was, “Say no often. It helps teach how to deal with frustration. It helps teach to negotiate for a peaceful and productive solution.”

Two branches of our government have chosen to ignore or forget this sentiment. I want them to grow up and do what is right for the country, especially if it means a smaller government and more private employment.

Arrogance, lies and hypocrisy make America weak. It’s time to grow up and be mature adults.

Elizabeth Rust


The fight over labeling genetically modified foods exposes the tip of a very ugly iceberg. Monsanto, General Mills and others are pouring millions into Washington to stop GMO labeling, but not for the reasons they’re trumpeting.

Monsanto’s business model is built on genetically modifying and patenting seeds. They don’t tell you that through the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) and the World Trade Organization, nonindustrialized countries are being pressured to adopt rules already in use by industrialized nations that require use of GMO seeds. Seeds can’t be harvested for use in the next year’s planting, and won’t grow unless farmers use agrochemicals bought from the same corporation. Colombia passed Rule 970 that prohibits farmers from saving seeds. African countries are being pressured to adopt these agribusiness practices.

And General Mills? If GMO labeling passes, they’ll have their graphics department tweak labels, and they’ll put a few employees to work to make sure they follow labeling requirements and get accurate information from their suppliers. Neither are cost breakers for giants like General Mills.

If Monsanto, General Mills, et al., are willing to pour millions into anti-labeling, ask yourself what they’re really protecting. Hint: It ain’t you.

Bernadette Powers


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