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Kudos to record seeker

How dare anyone question how school districts spend taxpayer funds? The gall of Laurie Rogers to request information regarding how her school district operates. Doesn’t she know the general public should never question highly paid school administrators concerning school operations? Doesn’t she realize she should just shut up and pay her taxes?

I thought everyone was aware of how adept school districts, as well as most governmental agencies, are in handling public funds.

Kudos to Rogers’ tenacity and bravery in her ongoing battle with Spokane Public Schools. Most school administrators don’t want the general public to know how they spend taxpayer funds and their methods utilized to get district bond levies passed.

Please, Laurie, never stop pursuing your quest of improving educational opportunities for dedicated teachers and students regardless of how administrators react and never give in to school districts’ thoughts that more taxpayer funding is a cure for all their problems.

Phil Petersen



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