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Sun., Oct. 20, 2013, midnight

Biochar is amazing stuff

Kudos and many thanks to Mike Peterson and our world-class Lands Council for its innovative solution to address stormwater runoff issues with biochar and other soil amendments. And because any size deal, however small or large, requires many partners, kudos also to the city of Spokane and to Bert Caldwell, The Spokesman-Review editorial page editor, for their appreciated recognition and support of this breakthrough proposal.

Biochar may be yet another new technical mystery to many readers but it represents an unprecedented opportunity for the state of Washington, and every community in every country that has timber and produces solid waste, to resolve a multitude of serious problems in water treatment, soil health restoration, forest fires, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and more. Yeah, it is amazing stuff. Check it out.

Support this initiative please, and be proud of our community for advancing such an important tool in our mutually shared efforts to reduce costs of operating our infrastructure and providing for public health and the health of our natural world.

Terry Lawhead


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