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How about just ‘Skins’

Regarding David Michaelson’s letter, “Leave nickname alone” (Oct. 13.).

Whereas I sympathize with the Redskins fans, as I wouldn’t like to change the name of the Seahawks either, there is one big difference. Redskins is a somewhat pejorative adjective, whereas the other teams mentioned, for the most part, are complementary nouns.

Those that contain an adjective, in addition, that is objected to, i.e.: “Fighting Irish,” they can easily drop the fighting part and become just the “Irish.”  

This is my suggestion to the Redskins.  They already refer to themselves as the “Skins.”  I realize it doesn’t make much sense as a name but could be a compromise. 

I suspect if a group of Native Americans owned a sports team and called them the “Palefaces” some of us would find that offensive, too.

Judy A. Layton



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