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Sun., Oct. 20, 2013, midnight

Long enjoyed the view

I appreciated The Spokesman-Review’s Oct. 10 editorial about the Centennial Trail along the river west of downtown and commend Greenstone Corp. for assisting in is completion. However, the statement that “nobody alive today in Spokane has ever been able to see the Spokane River as they can now” is untrue. Residents of West Central have long walked on Ohio Street and on the hillside footpaths above the river and appreciated the stunning views that the rest of Spokane can now enjoy.

My husband and I bought our home off Summit Boulevard 35 years ago, despite the less-than-stellar reputation of the neighborhood, because of its proximity to the river. We’ve seen osprey, herons, eagles, deer and an occasional moose or coyote, all within a mile or two of downtown Spokane.

West Central has long deserved rejuvenation. It has the river, with its natural beauty, as a border on two sides. It’s close to the amenities of downtown Spokane as well as those of Riverside State Park downriver. It has many lovely older homes along tree-lined streets. Perhaps now that more people can access the river along the Centennial Trail, the neighborhood will get more positive attention.

Jessie Norris


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