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That’s NEWS to you quiz

Sun., Oct. 20, 2013, midnight

Even if you didn’t follow the news closely this week, you could be a winner in our news quiz.

Try your hand at the newspaper version, then go online to newsquiz for the interactive version, where top entries each week go into a drawing for a Davenport Hotel gift card and all entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. The first test tube baby to be born in Spokane was born in

A. 2003

B. 1998

C. 1993

D. 1988

E. 1983

2. The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma has a new program that lets people swim with

A. Dolphins

B. Orcas

C. Sharks

D. Salmon

E. Squid

3. A rowdy party near which university turned into a riot last week?

A. Eastern Washington University

B. Washington State University

C. Western Washington University

D. Central Washington University

E. University of Idaho

4. Rogers High School’s football team has a new placekicker from

A. Denmark

B. England

C. Germany

D. Spain

E. Sweden

5. A suspected garage burglar in West Central Spokane allegedly stabbed the homeowner with

A. An antler

B. A samurai sword

C. A pair of garden shears

D. A ballpoint pen

E. A rake

6. A new study by Connecticut College suggests that lab rats found what common substance as addictive as cocaine?

A. Coca-Cola

B. Oreos

C. French fries

D. Pasta

E. Coffee

Check your work

To find last week’s answers and winners, see page B3.

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