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Bob Douthitt is selfless

Our school board members are volunteers who give countless hours of their time and energy toward the betterment of our children. These hours are spent during the day and in the evening listening to teachers, parents and students.

Bob Douthitt, a father of three Spokane Public Schools children, is a great example of a school board member who cares about our children and our public education system. I have worked alongside Douthitt on a number of volunteer school initiatives and have seen firsthand his dedication and passion for our schools. He is a good listener, wanting to see all sides of an issue before adding his input to the collective decision making of the board.

Over the past six years that Douthitt has been on the school board, the on-time graduation rate has increased nearly 20 percent. Douthitt had important input in the new strategic plan that includes rigorous academics with high standards, responsible budgeting, having excellent teachers doing excellent teaching and having effective community partnerships. Douthitt’s background and experience make him an ideal school board member.

Please join me in re-electing Bob Douthitt for Spokane Public Schools Board.

Scott Jones



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