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Vote for truth, transparency

I am voting yes on Initiative 522. I have read the arguments on both sides and have concluded that my vote is always for truth, transparency, health and vitality.

We can use history as a guide. The rise and fall of tobacco has many similarities. We now know that large corporations and agribusiness pursued profits at the cost of the health of the American public. Was there a scientific debate about the effects of tobacco during the war when cigarettes were given as rations? It wasn’t until the 1960s that the U.S. surgeon general reported the health hazards. By then, how many lives were adversely affected? There is a scientific debate on the health effects of genetically modified organisms. Those in favor claim no harm. Those opposed cite organ damage, immune system disorders, accelerated aging and infertility. Perhaps we won’t know definitively for 20 years, but why take the risk? Because there is no going back.

Yes, the language of the bill could be better. We didn’t get to vote against GMOs in the first place, or to give Monsanto control of our food supply, but we can vote now to begin the process of reclaiming our freedom to pure and healthy food.

Stacy Cossey



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