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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 23, 2013

I-522 is informative

As a free person, I like choosing what I feed myself. The more pertinent information I have about what I am eating, the more informed my choices become. This is the simple crux of Initiative 522.

How can people let themselves be convinced that they don’t need to know what they are eating? If you love your genetically engineered food, that’s great; it’s your overwhelming market choice, but don’t deprive your neighbors and friends of knowing what they’re eating. The opposition’s game is confusing the voting consumer. Don’t let them lie straight to your face. Information is power. How much does the no side hold over you?

I buy produce and meat from a small family farm. They’re in favor of labeling. They want it and their customers want it. The no side wants to withhold information from American consumers that they already give other countries. Why is that?

Washington has a momentous opportunity to change the status quo. Labeling GE foods is a smart economic decision for our state. Rogue GE wheat in Oregon temporarily halted wheat exports to other countries. Labeling helps protect trade, family farms and sensitive consumers. Let us decide: Please vote yes on I-522.

Charis Keller


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