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Wed., Oct. 23, 2013, midnight

Vote no on labels

Please take the time to read the text of Initiative 522. On the surface it appears to be a simple concept. Just put a label on a box.

But it is not that simple. From a common-sense perspective, if genetically engineered food, which we have been eating for many years, is so terrible, then why does the American Medical Association say there is no risk? This position is supported by peer-reviewed studies, not emotionalism. If there is no risk, then why is there a need to label?

The requirements detailed by this initiative will have huge associated costs. It is not simply putting a label on a package. Compliance will require huge investments at all levels of the food industry. Because Washington makes up only about 2 percent of national food sales, will food producers spend the money required, or will they simply not sell products in our state? It makes sense that they will simply avoid our state.

This policy has been rejected in over 30 state legislatures, and by voters in Oregon and California. Please join me in voting no.

Wayne Stewart

Otis Orchards

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