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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

A local hunting party was camped near Coram, Mont., when they heard a distress signal, “two rifle shots followed by one.”

Then, someone from another hunting party rushed into their camp, requesting help. A group of “Eastern capitalists” had accidentally shot their own hunting guide.

A bullet shattered the arm of Elmer Wolf, of Kalispell. The Spokane men helped carry Wolf to the hospital in Kalispell.

The Eastern capitalists vowed that Wolf would be “comfortably cared for for the rest of his days.”

From the beauty beat: Famous actress Lillian Russell imparted her beauty secrets in a syndicated column. She said a woman’s diet should include only a little meat, and consist mainly of fish, eggs, bread, green vegetables and fruit. All food should be “well masticated.” A woman should avoid alcohol and strong tea.

A woman should avoid fret and worry – which create lines upon the face – and should get eight or nine hours of sleep per night. 

She should take a daily cold bath. Hot baths, on the other hand, “are too relaxing.”

Some exercise is good, but not “violent exercise.”

“Golf, an excess of tennis, long walks, cycle rides, etc., produce brawny arms or thick wrists or large knees, ankles and shoulders, and these conflict with the ideal of feminine beauty,” Russell wrote.

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