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Proud of Sen. Smith

I am writing this letter in support of Sen. John Smith. As his daughter, I was able to observe a lot this legislative session.

One thing that many noticed about my father was how respectful he was to other legislators, constituents and staff, even if they were of differing opinions. This year he was able to listen to people without giving an inch on his small-government values and Judeo-Christian beliefs.

I heard him speak to hundreds of young people about how they were the ones who are going to turn this county and state around, and how the only way to do that was to return to our founding principles. Since I was a small child, my father has instilled in me the idea that anyone can make a difference in the world around them. I saw how hard he worked to make Washington and the 7th District a better and freer place, and he will continue working just as hard when he goes back to Olympia next year.

My father is one of the most hard-working, intelligent and inspiring people I have ever known. From the bottom of my heart, I would say, “Well done, senator, and good job, dad!”

Abigail Smith



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