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Fri., Oct. 25, 2013, midnight

Eikenberry omits the truth

I stopped at a school bake sale the other day. As I looked at the goodies, I noticed that none of them had the ingredients labeled. I realized that this is because the current food labeling laws in our state do not require it.

Then I thought of former Attorney General Ken Eikenberry, who thanks to millions from DuPont, Bayer, Monsanto, the GMA and Dow (only $6,261.45 of over $17 million against Initiative 522 has come from within Washington), keeps telling me every 15 minutes about these horrible “special exemptions” that are included in I-522.

One would think that Eikenberry would be knowledgeable and ethical about the law, but if he is, then why doesn’t he tell us the whole story: that these alleged “special exemptions,” as he calls them, already exist?

I-522 simply follows existing labeling standards. That makes sense, I thought to myself as I admired the creative offerings and the big smiles on the kids’ faces. Eikenberry wouldn’t want any kid to get hit with some shake-down lawsuit. Right?

Don’t be fooled by a former attorney general who won’t explain facts about I-522 in their proper context.

Lawrence Frostad


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