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Scarywood lawsuit draws little sympathy

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Costumed workers patrol the grounds at Scarywood Haunted Nights.
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With haunted house season in full swing, we asked readers whether a Halloween scare can go too far. A Kootenai County jury might be considering this issue after a woman recently sued Silverwood Theme Park, which becomes a haunted park called Scarywood Haunted Nights in October. She alleges a costumed worker spooked her so badly in the parking lot after the park closed for the night two years ago that she passed out and hit her head. Here are some of our readers’ thoughts about the lawsuit.

Jill Wiley Coppernoll Wilson

She went there knowing it was going to be spooky … her choice right?



You don’t go somewhere called Scarywood and not expect to be scared.

Claudia Metier-Pooler

Why did she go to Scarywood then? I don’t go because I don’t like to be scared! I am sorry she got hurt, but she paid to put herself in that situation.



Injury = Liability



Inside the park is one thing. But I don’t think costumed workers should be out in the parking lot, where all sorts of dangerous things can happen. I think that’s up there as a fair lawsuit.



This is good publicity, right? A haunted house that’s too scary



Sadly, she will get a payout because it will be cheaper to pay her off and make it go away than to fight it in court.



They were closed for business … happened in the parking lot…not on premises. Person who did the scaring should be warned not to do it again. Business should pick up tab. Only money for injuries, nothing else.



Like that person that sued McDonalds because she burned herself with hot coffee.



She went with the knowledge that she “might get scared.” Her fault, her problem!

Brock-Brittany Sherwood

Don’t go to Scarywood if you don’t want to be scared!



That’s what she went there for! This is ridiculous! This isn’t justice … she’s wasting taxpayer money!

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