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Sat., Oct. 26, 2013

Bashing GOP disheartening

It is so disheartening to have to endure The Spokesman-Review editorial page bashing Republicans on a regular basis. The opposition to the Democratic Party is every bit as American. We should all be interested in this nation’s financial and economic survival regardless of political views.

The debate in Congress, which recently shut down the government, was not catastrophic. It should rather bring to mind to all Americans that the enormous spending is not only unhealthy, but also dangerous.

Signe Wilkinson’s cartoon is tasteless and Dana Milbank’s column is in keeping with the progressive movement the S-R endorses. If any entity overspends year after year, how long can it exist? The S-R faults the GOP for attempting to change the direction, which is shortsighted.

To take from Medicare more than $700 billion to fund what I call abominable care is the wrong course. Conservatives in the House of Representatives failed in their attempt at reversing another reckless big government program but hopefully awakened those who sleep.

Here is the math for $17 trillion. If a human being were to begin counting, it would take roughly 5,000 years to reach $17 trillion. If this absurdity does not resonate, we are all in a deep, perilous slumber.

Jack Abel


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