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Diminished next to Foley

I’ve been wanting to write a letter about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. I finally found incentive after reading the wonderful article about Tom Foley. What a humble, dedicated servant of the people he was. He truly believed and demonstrated that he knew he was in office to serve all the people in his district, as well as the country.

McMorris Rodgers could and should take a lesson from Foley. Her remark in the article, “Eastern Washington agriculture and wheat farmers still benefit today from his leadership,” was as superficial and short-sighted as she is. Could she not reference anything more profound about her insights into Foley? I’m guessing not, as she is a very limited individual. However, she is in a position that requires insight, dedication and humility, all of which she fails to demonstrate.

It’s time for McMorris Rodgers to go. She doesn’t care about her district, and certainly doesn’t care about the farmers in Eastern Washington. She just stands behind Speaker John Boehner and supports her party. She certainly doesn’t lead, cooperate or serve, as Foley so courageously did.

Bye, Cathy. Bless you, Tom Foley.

Beverly Gibb



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