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Sat., Oct. 26, 2013

Don’t fool Mother Nature

Why are the big companies so reluctant to tell us what they’re putting in our food? If genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered products are so great, why don’t they identify them and give us a choice to consume or not consume? Interesting that more than $17 million from out of state has been donated to defeat Initiative 522 when this is designed to protect Washingtonians.

Foreign countries reject exports that contain GMOs, so why is it OK for us?

The state of Vermont also requires GMOs to be labeled. Did it really cost each taxpayer an extra $450 a year for that labeling? Really? The cost of the ink to put “No GMOs” on labels would be much less than “gluten free.”

Monsanto, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Dow, Bayer and other junk food giants say their genetically engineered products are safe, but it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Vote yes on I-522.

Karen Capillupo


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