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Sat., Oct. 26, 2013

Don’t trust Prop 1

You’re kidding, right? You want the citizens of Spokane to finance the relocation of a few in Airway Heights because someone, after 65 years, is worried about a possible but not very probable disaster?

I am sure the brass at Fairchild Air Force Base was questioned and agreed that, yes, anything is possible but highly unlikely. Where will this lead? Are you going to relocate me? I live in northwest Spokane and have dozens of commercial planes fly over my house every day.

Don’t be fooled, citizens. I believe this has more to do with leverage to be used later on to prevent the construction of a casino. The casinos’ attractive facilities challenge Spokane’s facilities. They include free parking, on-site food, on-site hotel, cheaper costs for entertainers, and things to do before and after the shows, not to forget the additional employment.

Don’t be suckered into funding private Spokane downtown interests.

Dick Gardner


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