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Sat., Oct. 26, 2013

Superintendents for Douthitt

These are critical times for public education, and much depends on strong policy and positive stewardship. These are not times for inexperience or one-issue politics. That is why both of us, as former superintendents of Spokane Public Schools, are recommending the re-election of Bob Douthitt to the Spokane Public Schools board.

Douthitt is a proven board member who listens, learns quickly, and acts in the best interest of our district’s children. As the district has faced significant financial issues and grapples with the challenge of dropouts and graduation rates, Douthitt is part of the solution. He has supported educational strategies that include full-day kindergarten, revised alternative programs and more support staff added to schools. Given time, these efforts will make a difference.

Douthitt has worked hard, demonstrated his commitment to our children and deserves the opportunity to finish this important work. Based on our experience, Bob Douthitt is the best choice for Spokane school board Position 2.

Gary Livingston, Brian Benzel


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