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Sun., Oct. 27, 2013

Michael Cannon has business support

Candace Mumm is trying to fool voters about her background. She is quick to point out her family’s roots in the restaurant business, and describes herself as the chief executive officer of her own company, Smartland, LLC. One has to assume that if she was up front about her true political affiliations, voters might find them distasteful. By claiming some association with small business, and not disclosing her prior political background, she is trying to appeal to moderate voters.

In truth, Mumm led both Mary Verner’s campaign against Mayor David Condon and Rich Cowan’s campaign against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She has the support of local and out-of-town unions and Democrat-elected officials. She herself has only supported far left candidates.

Mumm is certainly free to be affiliated with any group she chooses but she should be honest about it, rather than trying to pretend she’s a moderate. She’s not. She’s part of the far left and has a long history of opposing business and growth despite her claims otherwise.

Her opponent, Michael Cannon, has legitimate business experience as a local employer. He supports business and has the support of the business community.

Matthew Allen


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