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Steve Widmyer the educated choice

Steve Widmyer is my choice for mayor. Just as I was concerned about the direction of our school board, it’s these same views that concern me about Coeur d’Alene’s future. Other candidates have relationships that are too cozy with views that I consider too far right for City Hall.

We have seen the damage that can be done when we have views that only represent a small segment of our area. Last spring, we saw embarrassing statements made by government officials that reflected poorly on our area. We came to the brink of changing how we pay teachers for their hard work. We almost saw a mass exodus of quality experienced teachers because the competitive market was offering better options elsewhere. As a result, we saw the highest school board election turnout ever because citizens began to realize that aggressive partisan agendas have no place in nonpartisan local government leadership.

If you were concerned about our schools, you should be more concerned this fall for our city. The same folks are involved with the same tired ideas. Let’s move past the divisiveness of gotcha politics and look toward our future.

I’m voting Steve Widmyer for mayor. Please join me.

Tolli Willhite

Coeur d’Alene


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