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Mon., Oct. 28, 2013

Higgins, Pace for council

Today, few Americans understand that the laws enacted in Washington, D.C., or even their state capitol will have less direct impact on them than the decisions made by their own city council. For instance, a city council member determined to create a business-friendly environment will strive to streamline the building permits process and create more flexible zoning regulations while keeping taxes at a minimum, thus encouraging businesses to locate and expand locally, generating more local employment.

However, this same councilman understands the need to balance the constitutional rights of a landowner with the rights of those affected by the zoning regulations. Fortunately, for Spokane Valley, we have several outstanding candidates with the backbone to make the tough decisions as we face rising costs to maintain our roads while providing the citizens with adequate police protection.

Having worked with Rod Higgins on the Spokane Valley Planning Commission, I know Rod is a man of character. Also, having had the opportunity to meet Ed Pace and discuss issues with him, I also believe he would be a great addition to the council. Please join me in voting for Rod Higgins and Ed Pace for Spokane Valley City Council.

Steven Neill

Spokane Valley

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