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Foley an amazing man

I write this letter with a heavy heart because I loved Tom Foley.

What an amazing man he was. Speaker of the House of Representatives, which put him second in the succession line for the presidency and ambassador to Japan were just two of the multitude of accomplishments of this amazing man.

Foley’s kindness, intelligence and sense of humor were unmatched. But most notable was his deep humility and his genuine love for his constituents and the American people. He was a rare human. He was the perfect example of what someone who holds office should be, because he always deeply considered himself to be a servant of the people. He brought so many benefits to our congressional district.

Foley had as many close Republican buddies as he did good Democratic friends. He was a master of compromise and cooperation. He believed in partnership, rather than partisanship; that’s why the House functioned so well under his leadership.

Foley called me a couple of months ago, and we talked about everything, from cabbages to kings. He expressed his deep sadness with the severe animosity among legislative members. He was so concerned about their fierce unwillingness to work together; he knew government couldn’t function in that atmosphere. He was right.

Well, we have lost Spokane’s greatest son, our congressman, and most importantly, our friend. Our hearts go with him.

Sally Jackson

Spokane Valley


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