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Tue., Oct. 29, 2013

Take care of our city

What the heck is wrong with the people in charge of this city? I drive down McClellan Street often, and have wondered where our police are. People sleep on the street, throw their garbage all over, do drugs, have sex and anything else they choose to do without any challenges from our officials. We buy an all-terrain buggy not needed to control; you can’t control unless you are there checking on the goings-on.

Now we want to build a new skate park. Why not clean up the area instead of moving it because we can’t control anything in the city anymore? It is obvious to most of us that the city of Spokane is acting like the government, spending like there is no tomorrow. Wake up, or there will be no tomorrow, Spokane.

We dress up the entrances, and two blocks away we allow all this to take place. How can we have pride anymore? I love this city, but hate what is going on.

Darlene Le Claire


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