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Thu., Oct. 31, 2013

Douthitt instills confidence

I am writing to support Bob Douthitt’s return to the Spokane Public Schools board of directors. I had the pleasure of serving with Douthitt while I was on the Spokane school board. Douthitt brings to the public arena a distinctly unique skill set that well serves the district, teachers, and most importantly, our students.

Douthitt is by nature a learner. He is meticulous in his search for information, and his fact-finding helps the entire board in decision-making. Because he understands the complex nature of our students, and works within the system to address a variety of needs our students bring to their classroom life each day, he finds ways to enhance the learning environment for all our students.

Douthitt has shown the courage necessary to lead our schools in new ways, maintaining rigorous academic standards for all and providing the support many need to succeed. Douthitt is also an active member of the Spokane community, and appreciates how partnerships with organizations in our community create added value for our future.

Spokane is, and should be, proud of our school system. Leaders like Douthitt give us confidence in our city’s and our children’s future.

Christie Querna


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