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Sun., Sept. 1, 2013

Respect letter writers

Bert Caldwell, I just wanted to say nicely done. The Aug. 25 column revisiting the letters policy was timely, as well as much needed in this day of people freely giving their opinion on everything but not having the decency to put their moniker on their words.

I don’t do Facebook, Twitter or any other social media because too many people have chosen these formats to impose their personal filth on the world. Somewhere along the path, people decided that having an opinion not only makes them right about everything, it gives them the right to tell others their opinion is wrong.

Your comment to respect other writers by challenging their opinions, not their IQs, was dead-on. Sadly, respect is a dying attribute in our society. Respect for others, respect for elders and, most importantly, respect for self are in a losing battle against the misdirected right of free speech. Lest we forget that we live in a country that gives us the right of free speech, which is protected by the hundreds of men and women putting their lives on the line each and every day to protect that right.

Keep it simple, be respectful and be heard.

Tracie Hogeboom


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