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Fukushima leaks are a global problem

In response to “Nuclear warning” (Aug. 25):

Japan’s Fukushima reactor is putting 160,000 gallons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean every day. Japan’s effort to halt the radioactive poison is like shoveling sand against the tide. This is a world problem and we need to help Japan. Sure, the ocean will disperse it just like the bubonic plague was dispersed by the waves of people. People said Hitler could not be stopped, but we worked together and did it. Put a man on the moon: impossible.

There will be long-term consequences. Do we have to wait until all the tanks at Fukushima are leaking? Who wants to eat radioactive fish? We can solve the problem, but do it now. Engineers and scientists of America and the world, rise up. We can find the answer like we have done in the past when we absolutely had to. Philanthropists, stand up and fund a prize for whoever solves this.

Howard Clark



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