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Spokane an anti-gun hotbed

Anytime a firearm is misused, the anti-gun Spokesman-Review sees it as an opportunity to score propaganda points (“Employees foil pawn shop gunman,” Aug. 24).

The S-R just had to tell us that the pawn shop contained a (cue sinister music) “slew of guns.” The real story here is that good guys, with guns, resolved a situation peacefully.

Speaking of good guys, would World War II veteran Delbert Belton still be alive if he had been armed?

Since the tragic school shootings last December, we’ve learned, once more, that Spokane is a veritable hotbed of anti-gun activism. Scores of gun-hating letters, some written by dupes who claim to be gun owners, have appeared in The Spokesman-Review this past year.

Make no mistake, anti-gun enemies of freedom, from Pullman to Washington, D.C., are waiting, anxiously, for another “gun tragedy” so they can renew their assaults on the Second Amendment.

Forgive me, I often refer to gun abolition spokespersons, and other leftists, as “mouthpieces for Marxism.”

Curt Stone

Colville, Wash.


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